What Guess What is about:

Guess the secret word!

Can you guess the secret word just by those two hints?

Guess the secret word!

Do you need more hints?

If you can't guess the secret word immediately, you receive more hints.

Do you need more hints?

Get points for each correct answer.

The faster you guess the secret word, the more points you get.

Get points for each correct answer.

Online lobbies

Play online against your friends or other players.

Online lobbies

Think about your hint.

Think about hints that make it easier to guess the secret word.

Think about your hint.

Now it’s time to guess!

Once all friends entered a hint, you need to guess the secret word.

Now it’s time to guess!

Guess What game description

Guess What

A world-famous concept

Guess What is loosely based on the concept of the world-famous board game “Just One”. Enjoy the fun of a beloved word game classic in a whole new way!

Play alone …

Guess the Secret Word using as few hints as possible. Playing alone is even possible in offline mode!

… with your friends …

Play together with your friends, give one another hints and help each other guess the Secret Word.

… or with the entire world!

Connect with fellow players from around the world and work together to find out the Secret Word.

Give hints to your teammates

If it’s not your turn to guess the Secret Word, you can put your teammate on the right track with a well-chosen hint. But be careful! The hint may only consist of just one word!

Infinite variety

The Secret Words cover all possible categories. From games and sports to politics and history to culture and famous people, there are no limits to the variety. We update our database on a regular basis and continuously add new Secret Words for you.

From easy to hard

Some Secret Words are easy to find, others are really tricky. Experience the perfect mix of all difficulty levels and become the ultimate Guess What champion!

Choose your individual avatar

At the beginning of the game, you choose your individual avatar from numerous emojis that fits you the most and best reflects your personality.

*Premium* Get rid of advertisements

Disable ads within the app to puzzle undisturbed.

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