Guess What Rules

Single Player

Can you guess the Secret Word?

At the beginning of every round you will get 2 hints. If you are able to guess the Secret Word at this point, you will get the full number of points. After each failed attempt you will get another hint, but at the same time the number of points you earn in this round will be reduced.

Once you have guessed the Secret Word, a new round begins. If you couldn’t solve the Secret Word after the 6th hint (after 5 guesses), the Secret Word is revealed and a new round begins.


A game in multiplayer mode lasts 10 rounds. In each round, one player takes on the role of the Guesser. The other players give hints on the Secret Word.


At the beginning of each round, all players (except the Guesser) are shown the Secret Word. Now each of them gives a one-word-hint to help the Guesser figure out the Secret Word.

These hints are invalid:

X The Secret Word in another language (such as „fútbol“ as a hint for „soccer“)

X The Secret Word in another spelling (such as „colour“ as a hint for „color“)

X A synonym of the Secret Word (such as „field“ as a hint for „pitch“)

X A word with the same root as the Secret Word (such as „coaching“ as a hint for „coach“)

X A word that sounds similar to the Secret Word but has a different meaning (such as „collar“ as a hint for „color“)

X A made-up word (such as „kicking game“ as a hint for „soccer“)


Then all players (except the Guesser) are shown the submitted hints. All invalid hints must now be sorted out by the players.

Also eliminated are hints that are:

X identical (such as „ball“ and „ball“)

X synonyms (such as „field“ and „pitch“)

X different variants of the same word (such as „coach“ and „coaches“). In addition to singular/multiple, this also applies to different spelling variants and different languages.


After the players have reviewed and sorted out all invalid hints, the remaining hints are presented to the Guesser. He/She now has exactly one attempt to find out the Secret Word.


If the Guesser has figured out the Secret Word, he receives 10 points. All players who have submitted a valid hint also receive 10 points. The remaining players do not get any points. If the Guesser fails in his attempt to guess the Secret Word, no one receives any points.


After 10 rounds the game ends. The winner is the player with the most points. After the results are shown, a new game is started automatically.